Community Art Program

Outdoor public art is part of the vision and creative energy of the RidgeGate community. Several sculptures and installations are already in place, representing a range of styles and incorporating many different mediums. Each of the residential and commercial development projects built within the community must include public art in their construction. RidgeGate’s public art program works in tandem with the City of Lone Tree Arts Commission, which installed a monumental bronze sculpture within RidgeGate. The Rampart Range Metropolitan District also commissioned a stone sculpture seating area at the summit of Willow Creek Trail on the RidgeGate bluffs. The eclectic mix of public art in RidgeGate reflects and respects the diversity of residents and workers within the community.

“Healing Garden” - Sky Ridge Medical Center
Installed in: 2004
Outdoor garden consisting of a landscape arrangement based on an Asian garden design.

“Spread Your Wings” Eagle Sculpture - RidgeGate Parkway and Crooked Stick Trail
Artist: Ric Sargent
Installed in: 2006
Sculpted bronze consisting of a twisting tree with two eagles, one nested and one landing, set in natural boulder base with native landscape treatments.

“The Gazebo” - RidgeGate Circle and Kornbrust Drive
Artist: Andy Libertone
Installed in: 2006
This functional gazebo is designed and crafted as an artistic work, built from metals, wood and concrete for both durability and creativity.

“Acrylic Grasslands” - Median of Kornbrust Drive, west of RidgeGate Circle
Artist: Barbara Baer
Installed in: 2006
Painted acrylic panels with natural prairie hues and grass-like images interspersed with painted metal.

“A Mosaic” - Commons Street and Lincoln Avenue, just outside Via Baci Restaurant
Artist: Jennifer Haley
Installed in: 2006
A mosaic mural of the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

“Belvedere Park Sculpture” - Located in Belvedere Park
Artist: Michael Clapper
Installed in: 2008
10-foot tall sculpture with a white marble base and a 7-foot long piece of gray dolomite mounted horizontally atop the sculpture; installed in 2008 with the construction of Belvedere Park.

“The Illusion of Man” - Outside the Lone Tree Recreation Center (west side)
Artist: Douglas County High School Art Students
Installed in: 2005
Segmented metal art piece arranged in a staggered position, such that when viewed in the correct alignment, a completed image of a man standing with top hat and umbrella appears.

“High Point Council Circle” - Atop the RidgeGate Bluffs at the summit of the Willow Creek Trail
Artist: Andy Dufford
Installed in: 2007
Located at the top of the bluffs, overlooking a view of the Front Range, downtown Denver and the eastern Colorado plains, this sandstone sculpture features a medallion indicating the name and elevation of mountain ranges to the west and a pictorial of the life cycle of an acorn inscribed in a circular sandstone ring formation, which also functions as a sitting observation point.

"Prairie's Edge" - Located at the corner of Hillston Street and RidgeGate Circle
Artist: Erick Johnson
Three brushed stainless steel panels with water-jet cut images of plateau grass, flowers and wildlife. The cut-out grid-like background represents the spread of new neighborhoods pushing into the natural environment. A simple metal horizontal line mimics a barbed-wire fence line, tying the panels together visually.

"The Vue" - Located on the side of AMLI at RidgeGate Apartments, on Chatham Way just east of Park Meadows Boulevard
Artist: Sharon Anhorn