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The RidgeGate community continues to see significant forward momentum.
Development in Lone Tree's RidgeGate community presses on despite setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic and the virus's economic impact.
A lot is happening on the 2,200 acres of the RidgeGate development east of I-25.
Lone Tree and SSPRD are jointly planning a new 65-acre park in RidgeGate.
Lone Tree, Colorado is a national model for growth.
Millet pointed to the May 17 grand opening of the Southeast Light Rail Extension project as a driving force for the city's development.
RidgeGate's next phase of development is a 400-acre expansion
As light rail stations near opening, developer sets sights on future
The East Village will span 4 square miles of land – twice as many as the West Village.
Expansion of RidgeGate will feature massive commercial space, 10,000 homes and 600 acres of parks and open space — and create tens of thousands of jobs.
“The east side is going to be a little different. We’re going to start with residential rooftops."
Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet led a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Leaf Pedestrian Bridge.
The recent approval of the mixed-use RidgeGate East development by city council could triple the number of residents in Lone Tree, and include what the developer calls attainable housing.
Development of RidgeGate on the east side of I-25 follows the near-completion of the RidgeGate West Village.
The new development site is directly across the interstate from the existing RidgeGate West Village at I-25 and Lincoln.
Plans were approved for the 400-acre Lone Tree City Center℠ and the 1,800-acre East Villages.
RidgeGate trail family
MONEY identified 100 spots that offer a healthy economy, affordable homes, and a high quality of life.
RidgeGate fulfilling promise of a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use community
RidgeGate trail family
Nearly 97 percent of residents rated the overall quality of life in Lone Tree as “good” or “excellent.”
Officials broke ground on the estimated $6.8 million pedestrian bridge project in Lone Tree Sept. 29.
Construction began Sept. 1 for a light rail bridge to a new station at the southeast corner of RidgeGate Parkway and I-25.
The new Lone Tree Library in RidgeGate encompasses 25,000 square feet, up from 11,000.
Lone Tree is getting a new pedestrian bridge designed by Fentress Architects.