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Lone Tree City Center Development RidgeGate East

Lone Tree City Center | RidgeGate

The region’s future downtown will rise on the east side of RidgeGate.


The Denver Metropolitan Region is growing at a rate faster than any other point in its history due to strong business relocation and job expansion, population growth, emerging innovation and a desirable quality of life. The City of Lone Tree, in partnership with RidgeGate™, has set a high standard for creating quality neighborhoods and parks, municipal services, cultural amenities and mixed use districts. The Lone Tree City Center®, located on the east side of I-25 and just south of Lincoln Avenue, will cultivate a dynamic and inclusive mixed use urban center south of Denver that anticipates the needs of the region.

RidgeGate East Side Development Lone Tree City Center

This 400-acre urban core on RidgeGate’s east side will continue to grow and evolve over the next few decades, situated around two light rail stations and mixed-use transit-oriented development. The core area of the Lone Tree City Center will span 32 city blocks, with up to 8-10 million square feet of office, hotel, residential, retail, dining and entertainment offerings, all walkable to the City Center Rail Station. Corporate campus sites will be strategically flanked along the I-25 frontage. Urban style homes will accommodate approximately 5,000 residents in the district. Up to 35,000 new jobs will be created as the Lone Tree City Center comes to life.


  • Corporate office
  • Corporate campuses
  • Hospitality
  • High-end retail
  • Entertainment
  • Restaurants
  • Residential
Connecting from Lone Tree Light Rail


Lone Tree City Center will naturally tap into the economic vibrancy of the Denver South region. Six Fortune 500 Companies call this region home. Denver South has the highest concentration of high tech and corporate workers in the metropolitan area. The City of Lone Tree has multiple retail, healthcare and class A office projects, and is home to a workforce of over 25,000. Find out more about why the Lone Tree City Center will thrive in the “preferred business address of the Rocky Mountain Region.” – Denver South


The City Center benefits from two new rail stations on the Southeast Light Rail Line: the Lone Tree City Center Station (City Center Station) and the end-of-line RidgeGate Parkway Station (RidgeGate Station).

You’ll find easy access to airports from RidgeGate. Denver International Airport, the largest airport in the region, is located just 30 minutes northeast of RidgeGate. Centennial Airport is a quick 10 minutes away and is the major reliever airport in the region for corporate and charter flights.

Plus, RidgeGate’s south-central location along the I-25 corridor makes it a straight shot north to downtown Denver, or south to Colorado Springs.

Find out more about local and mass transit, and access to the greater Denver metro region here.

Working at RidgeGate
Biking the RidgeGate trails
Rising in the East graphic
Living in Lone Tree RidgeGate


As a mixed-use district, Lone Tree City Center will offer 2,500 urban style residences within this walkable downtown area. Homes will be conveniently centered around a 4.6 acre public park. There will also be other diverse residential villages within walking distance, accented with parks and plazas for outdoor movies, farmers’ markets and other community events.

Learn more about housing on the east side of RidgeGate.


In partnership with the City of Lone Tree and South Suburban Parks and Recreation District, many parks and wellness amenities have been planned for RidgeGate’s east side. This includes an 80-acre regional park, the largest park in the City of Lone Tree. Plans also include a future recreation center, 58-acres of village parks, over 400 acres of open space, and 14.5 acres of public space within the Lone Tree City Center.

Village CenterLone Tree Housing Development Map

The mixed-use Village Center is located in the heart of the east side of RidgeGate, where RidgeGate Parkway splits into separate one-way roads. This Center will provide vibrant commercial, retail, dining and civic amenities to serve local residents, as well as the neighboring Central Village, Southeast Villages and Lyric at RidgeGate. Village Center is accessible via car along RidgeGate Parkway, and is walkable from all of the estimated 8,000 residential units that will be built on the east side of RidgeGate.


  • Grocery anchor
  • Ground floor retail, dining, entertainment
  • High-density residential
  • Commercial
  • Office

RidgeGate Station

RidgeGate Station is a 30-acre mixed-use district centered around the end-of-line RidgeGate Rail Station. This walkable, pedestrian-friendly district will feature multi-family residential, commercial, office, hotel, and civic amenities. A 1,300 car Park-n-Ride and bus transfer facility add accessibility and connectivity to the district.


  • Multi-family residential
  • Commercial
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Civic
  • Active urban ground floor
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