Kathy Franklin, OHM Fitness

Here’s a quick physics refresher. An “ohm” is a unit of measurement for electrical current resistance. It is also, subsequently, the origin of the name for OHM Fitness, the newest fitness trend making its Colorado debut right here in RidgeGate. We sat down with Kathy Franklin, owner of the new OHM Fitness Lone Tree and OHM Fitness area developer for the state of Colorado, to discuss what makes this high-tech workout so innovative while being accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

Give us your elevator pitch for OHM Fitness – how is it different from other boutique gyms?

Kathy: OHM Fitness is new across the country, but the concept of EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training has been used by elite athletes, trainers, physical therapists—even astronauts—for years.

Our participants wear an “EMPower Suit” lined with EMS electrodes that are manipulated by the instructor during a class. We can control each suit individually, as well, so you can turn stimulation to your biceps up and your glutes down, if you want. The rapid contractions made through EMS stimulation can make our 25-minute low-impact classes as effective as a 2.5-hour, high-impact gym session. So, it’s efficient, safe, and effective. And being open in RidgeGate now also makes it convenient.

If everyone must wear an EMPower Suit for their session, how you are disinfecting the suits for each user?

Kathy: They are made from a lightweight anti-microbial spandex that we clean with a medical grade sanitizing process. We launder them in machines with a high PH detergent and our dryers utilize a process that renders bacteria inert. This is considered a hospital-grade sanitizing process.

A lot of our members choose to purchase their own suits, however, so they can arrive and leave the studio in their own suit and launder at home. The pads stay in the suit when you wash them, so it’s very easy. Our suits are $299 to purchase.

You also have a unique way of helping your members measure their fitness progress, correct?

Kathy: Yes. Included in a membership is monthly access to our Styku 3D body scan. It looks at body fat, weight, muscle mass, and circumference of all parts of the body. It takes two minutes and gives you a full 3D rendering. You can actually overlay one scan on top of another to see your progress.

OHM members also have access to infrared light therapy at your location. How is that beneficial for a body?

Kathy: We do! Each of our changing rooms is equipped with an infared light light therapy panel. These are great for reducing inflammation, increasing collagen production and improving circulation.

Kathy: [Laughs] That’s our FLOWATER machine. It is an advanced water purification system that purifies the water six times and on the seventh it adds electrolytes and utilizes a coconut carbon filter that takes out any salty taste. It really is delicious. Some members have been known to come in with a gallon jug and fill it up with our water to take home…and that’s just fine with us.

FloWater at OHM Lone Tree

Well, your studio is just lovely, as is your new neighborhood. Can you tell us why you choose RidgeGate for your first Colorado location?

Kathy: We love this area. The density and closeness to I-25 are huge assets for us as we recruit new members and potential franchisees. People really need to come experience a studio in person to understand what OHM is all about. I should note that the City of Lone Tree was so accommodating for us as a new business, and we felt very welcomed.

How are you connecting with all the employees in the area who are just a stone’s throw away from your studio?

Kathy: We were just invited to a health and wellness event at Charles Schwab, and we already have several members who work there. Since all of our classes are 25-minutes, this is literally something local employees can complete over their lunch break.

How did you, personally, get involved in OHM Fitness?

Kathy: I’ve known the founders of OHM Fitness for many years, and they invited me to come check out their location in Scottsdale, so I went with my sons—Garrett, Grant and Walker—to experience the workout. We were blown away, and surprisingly sore the next day. Ultimately, our family decided to become the OHM Fitness area developers for the state of Colorado. We’re excited to be part of a brand that is changing the fitness landscape. Too many people are getting injured as they workout or need help with recovery from injuries, pregnancies, etc. We can provide that.

Are you a Colorado native?

Kathy: No, we raised our sons in the Bay Area, but all three went to CU in Boulder, so we paid out-of-state tuition for all those years and only now do we live in Colorado. [LAUGHS]. We love the outdoors and outdoor adventures. My husband and I love to pack up our Sprinter Van with our three dogs and explore. I’m also a wildlife photographer on the side, which is another reason I love this state.

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