Kendal Zimmermann, Assistant Facility Supervisor, Lone Tree Recreation Center

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A big thank you to Sarah Neumann Photography for conducting and photographing our RidgeGate Up Close interviews! This month: Kendal Zimmermann, Assistant Facility Supervisor, Lone Tree Recreation Center

Kendal helps oversee the state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot Lone Tree Recreation facility. Nestled against the picturesque bluffs of RidgeGate, the $17 million multi-purpose center was built by South Suburban Parks and Recreation in 2004 and is now a bustling cornerstone in this active community.

#1. How long have you worked at the Lone Tree Rec Center and how did you end up in your current role?
Kendal: “I’ve been working at the Lone Tree Recreation Center for almost three years. I came to where I am today because I have a passion for building strong communities and fostering learning atmospheres that support healthy lifestyles. It’s encouraging to work in a field where everyone shares the same passion for the community.”

#2. What do you think is the coolest feature/offering/amenity at the Lone Tree Rec Center?
Kendal: “Good question! This is hard to choose from because we have such a wide array of offerings/amenities that appeal to diverse groups. Our pool draws in patrons of all ages; you can bring your family down for fun on the 88-foot water slide and lazy river, join a water aerobics class or relax in the hot tub after a long day. Also, we recently just installed 26 new cardio equipment pieces that are fully integrated with Internet and TV capabilities; come try them out!”

#3. What book/magazine is currently on your nightstand?
Kendal: “I currently have a couple books on my nightstand; Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Alchemist.”

#4. Can you tell us about your favorite day on the job?
Kendal: “I can’t say it was a particular day but one of my favorite stories involves a patron who spent almost every day in our facility attending our fitness classes and using our workout equipment over a course of two years.  I had the opportunity to chat with her to learn her story. She told me that her family had been suffering from obesity and she decided to make a change; for herself and her family. Determined, she set a goal, worked out consistently—even sometimes twice a day—and shed almost 100 pounds. It was so exciting to see her accomplish her goal. She is an inspiration and strengthens my passion as a parks and recreation professional!”

#5. What kinds of things do YOU do to stay active?
Kendal: “I enjoy being active and any chance I have to be outside in our beautiful state! I participate in yoga classes, volleyball leagues, hiking, snowboarding and rollerblading, just to name a few.”

#6. The Lone Tree Rec Center is a beautiful, but massive facility. What kinds of challenges do you face when it comes to being the assistant facility supervisor?
Kendal: “I would say there are two tough challenges I face as an assistant facility supervisor in the public sector; 1) is balancing the needs of several generations in a multi-use facility and 2) maintaining a continuously aging facility. I do face challenges every day in my position and I try to look at those moments as opportunities to grow and be creative.”

#7. Let’s pretend I’ve never been to the Lone Tree Rec Center…why should I go?
Kendal: “We are a public recreation facility set in your own community. We aim to create a friendly atmosphere where you can socialize with your neighbors while participating in a fitness class or just splashing around in the pool.”

#8. Finish this sentence: “The secret to happiness is ____.”
Kendal: “…living your life to the fullest, surrounding yourself with positive relationships and being true to who you are. Never settle, as every day is precious, and you hold the power to your own success.”



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