Larry L. Levin Park

Pop Quiz…

What has a dog park, children’s play area, multi-purpose open lawn, a small plaza, an inspiring mural, and a shade shelter within steps of RTD’s RidgeGate Station and newly built apartments?

Answer… the new Larry L. Levin Park.

Located along I-25 just south of RidgeGate Parkway, this petite park packs a big punch when it comes to amenities and purpose.

“It is these public spaces and parks that provide outdoor recreation and gathering spaces for workers, residents, and visitors to the district,” said Keith Simon, Executive Vice President for Coventry Development, the developer of RidgeGate’s master-planned community. “While this particular park is relatively small, there will be other larger parks and public spaces created as the district grows.”

The idea for Larry L. Levin Park originated within the Lone Tree City Center Sub Area Plan, approved in 2018. The Sub Area Plan created additional goals for RidgeGate’s zoning that are intended to create a sense of community while maintaining consistency in development quality.

Immediately north of the park, the second phase of AVRA at RidgeGate will begin construction in 2024 and will include a coffee shop and deli. Immediately east of the park will be RidgeGate’s first affordable housing project, the Talus Apartments.

Larry L. Levin Park was built by the Rampart Range Metropolitan District, which finances and builds RidgeGate’s public infrastructure. Following the park’s dedication on November 20th, 2023, the park will be owned by the City of Lone Tree.

Who was Larry L. Levin?

As RidgeGate’s land use attorney during its early years of development, Larry L. Levin played an important role in the annexation of the RidgeGate community into the city of Lone Tree. After retiring, he served on the Board of the Rampart Range Metropolitan District. Mr. Levin passed in 2021 and both the Rampart Range Metropolitan District and RidgeGate agreed to honor him by bestowing his name upon the park.

“Larry was delighted by children. He loved talking with them,” said his wife, Carol Levin. “He also did a lot of pro-bono work for low-income families. He would have loved the idea of this park and the population it will serve.”

Installation of Ratha Sok’s “Great Day” Mural

The north face of RTD’s parking garage at RidgeGate Station faces Larry L. Levin Park and provided the perfect blank canvas for a large-scale art installation. The Rampart Range Metropolitan District engaged Kendall Peterson of ThereSquared to develop a muralist competition, ultimately selecting seasoned muralist Ratha Sok. In creating the mural, Mr. Sok looked to the natural elements of the landscape around Lone Tree to develop artwork that evoked a sense of community and vibrancy. Funding for this most recent addition to RTD’s Art-n-Transit program was provided by the Rampart Range Metropolitan District.

Unique Donation to Park Made by Lone Tree’s First Mayor

Former Lone Tree Mayor, Jack O'Boyle, with Carol Levin

Also in attendance at the park’s dedication was Jack O’Boyle, Lone Tree’s first mayor who served from 1996 to 2008. He later served on the Board of Directors for the Regional Transportation District during the planning of the southeast rail extension, ultimately bringing light rail access to Lone Tree.

On November 20th, Mr. O’Boyle announced that he was funding the donation of a Bur Oak Tree, a species known for its size and durability. Bur Oaks can reach a height of roughly 100 feet and naturally provide excellent shade. A plaque recognizing Mr. O’Boyle’s donation of this new landmark tree was dedicated on November 20th, 2023.

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