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RidgeGate Up Close

  • September 24, 2016
  • Lauren Varner

Matt Hibbard, leasing consultant and resident at Ovation Apartment Homes

 “RidgeGate Up Close” is our series of interviews with people who make RidgeGate a more vibrant place. Read the unexpected stories of residents, workers and local leaders who live and work here. Know someone who has a unique perspective or life in RidgeGate? Contact us at

A big thank you to Sarah Neumann Photography for conducting and photographing our RidgeGate Up Close interviews! This month: Matt Hibbard, leasing consultant for Ovation Apartment Homes

On a quest to find the quintessential Colorado experience, Matt Hibbard found himself living—and working—in RidgeGate after transitioning from a career in the television and film industry on the west coast. Here, Hibbard discusses his new life in RidgeGate, proposing to his fiancé, Dani, and embracing change with open arms.

#1. Tell us more about your close ties to the film industry…
Matt: “I grew up in the motion picture industry running around film and television sets since I was born. My dad has been in the business for about 30 years and I was fortunate to experience so much because of him. Naturally I started working on movies and television in the production department when I was 20 years old and spent 7 awesome years learning from, and working alongside Hollywood legends on projects ranging from Green Hornet, The Amazing Spiderman, True Blood, Behind The Candelabra, Danny Collins, Insurgent, and many more.”

#2. We understand that you might be setting a record for “world’s shortest commute to work”…
Matt: “My commute to work reminds me of how lucky I am every single day to be able to just take the elevator down to our office here at Ovation. When I worked in the film industry my commute at times would take up to 2 hours each way, every single day depending on the project and its filming location.”

#3. You recently got engaged to your fiancé, Dani. How did you propose?
Matt: “August 28th will forever be one of the best days of my life. I proposed to my then girlfriend Dani up in the mountains at Echo Lake Park. It was a goal of mine to fully embrace Colorado’s beauty during our special moment and it couldn’t have been better. I brought all of my camera gear and setup it up on my tripod to capture the moment. I always have my gear with me so she didn’t expect anything that day. That made it such a huge surprise, all captured for our family and friends to see.”

#4. Describe the view from your apartment window…
Matt: “When moving to Colorado in early February of this year, we had a wish list for our apartment search. One of the most important requests was to have a view of the mountains so we could experience the sunset every evening. We were fortunate to find that special apartment with the breathtaking view at Ovation.”

#5. How does living in Ovation fit your lifestyle?
Matt: “Living at Ovation has allowed us to be a part of a community that provides everything we’ve wanted and more! We really wanted to be able to interact with our neighbors and experience the work/life balance we both had been searching for. Ovation is conveniently located next to hiking trails, shopping, restaurants and local entertainment all within walking distance.”

#6. You’re dog owners, and I understand Ovation has some fun amenities for four-legged friends…
Matt: “Here at Ovation we do have a few great amenities that include a pet spa for all of our residents and their furry friends. The parks surrounding the complex are ideal for the dogs to run and play.”

#7. Finish this sentence, “The secret to happiness is ____.”
Matt: “Finding the balance in life to allow yourself to fully embrace your surroundings, including your family and friends.”

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