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RidgeGate Up Close

  • January 14, 2022
  • Jessica McCaa

Melanie Goetz, RidgeGate Resident

“RidgeGate Up Close” is our series of interviews with people who make RidgeGate a more vibrant place. Read the unexpected stories of residents, workers and local leaders who live and work here. Know someone who has a unique perspective or life in RidgeGate? Contact us at

This month: Melanie Goetz

As a small business owner, wife, grandmother and outdoor enthusiast, Melanie Goetz appreciates the value of a turn-key lifestyle. We spoke with Melanie about her love for her neighborhood after 15 years of residency in—what she calls—an “end destination.”

How did you end up in RidgeGate?

About 15 years ago I lived on 5 acres in MacArthur Ranch in Highlands Ranch—it was just on the other side of the Bluffs. I was looking to downsize, and I learned there was a community just on the other side of the Bluffs…which turned out to be RidgeGate. Done. I was sold. We bought a single-family patio home. We were attracted to no maintenance. They remove our snow, they take care of our lawn. That leaves us time to do the things we love.

What are the things you “love?”
RidgeGate Resident Lone Tree CO Prairie Sky Park
My husband and I like biking out here because there are great trails. From this neighborhood you can access so much outdoors—you can go all the way to Cherry Creek and beyond on your bike. I also have a six mile walk I like to do on the trails, and it’s so peaceful because it’s off the streets.

We also spend a lot of time with our seven grandkids.

Do you work in the area?

When I bought the house in RidgeGate I also moved my company from Greenwood Village to Meridian, which is minutes away.

What do you do for a living?

I own a communications firm that specializes in communicating the value of water. It’s very niche. Drinking water, storm water, wastewater, watersheds—I specialize in all. I lecture, I teach, and I’ve been published multiple times.

Do you see yourselves staying in RidgeGate for a while?

I do see myself staying here. I just like the fact that I can feel like I’m out in the outdoors, but I have all these amenities in a small area. One thing I like about RidgeGate is that it’s not someplace you go “through” to get someplace else. This is an end destination. It’s the best of both worlds.

One of the things that attracted us to this area were all the amenities, and they keep adding them. I can’t wait for Blue Island Oyster to open. I also love the management at Via Baci. Oh, and I’ve loved going to boot camp classes at the rec center. The teachers were amazing. This is my life…right here…this area.

What’s one of the favorite memories you’ve made in RidgeGate?

Well, I’m a big fireworks person and the 4th of July fireworks in 2021 were fantastic. My family literally walked down our driveway to the end of the street and watched. I loved it.

Let’s close with something silly…what was the last show you binged on TV?

Hmmm…Ted Lasso. I prefer to watch people thriving…the good side of people…because there really is so much of that in the world.

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