Ratha Sok, Artist

In 2007, a first generation Cambodian American high-school student, Ratha Sok, began his foray into contemporary art in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood. Today his work can be found throughout the United States, including Larry L. Levin Park, adjacent to RTD’s Ridgegate Parkway Station. We sat down with Sok to discuss his recent mural installation in our community, its inspiration, and the next generation of potential Sok family artists.

Tell us about your inspiration for the elements within the mural at Ridgegate Parkway Station.
Ratha: “Little birds, big dreams” was my theme. I drew from my research of Colorado backyard birds to incorporate natural elements and colors that would create a sense of inclusivity and connectedness between the environment and the mural. The birds in this mural are the American Robin and Phoebe. Since this installation is at a light rail station, I wanted the mural to tie things together while providing an uplifting message to send people on their way. That’s why we named it “Great Day.”

What was your process for creating an original piece of art on this type of large scale “canvas?”
Ratha: There were many logistics to consider. From start to finish, it took roughly three months to complete the mural. I began in the early spring of 2023 and used a 65-foot all terrain boom lift to gain access to the wall of the garage. The weather elements were a bit of a challenge that particular year–I faced snow, a lot of rain, and hail, but thankfully some sunshine as well.

Where else can people see your work, and are there similarities between your pieces?
Ratha: I have a vast portfolio of canvases that include, but are not limited to, public and commercial walls, electrical boxes, parking garages, public art installations, streetwear, and merchandise. I have a fairly diverse style that is focused on storytelling, bold colors, graffiti and historical elements.

Why do you think people are attracted to your work?
Ratha: I think people are drawn to my ability to execute artistic ideas, my work ethic, and my personal story. I went through many adversities with my roots being in graffiti, and I am proud of the career that I have today. I think I leave a lasting impact on each community through my ability to showcase art on a grand scale. I, personally, enjoy the challenge of completing logistically complex projects that allow me to showcase my leadership and business skills.

Later in the same year that you completed “Great Day” you had an exciting life changing event. Tell us more about that.
Ratha: In November of 2023 my wife, Sothary, and I welcomed our first child…a baby girl that we named Silver. We actually brought her to Larry L. Levin Park’s official dedication not long after she was born.

What role do you think art will have in Silver’s life?
Ratha: I know art will be an essential part of her life. We are looking forward to exploring her creativity.

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IG: _Rathasok

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