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As an eight-year-old franchise with more than 750 studios around the world, StretchLab’s boutique approach to wellness is stretching both bodies and boundaries. We spoke with Torey, Hannah, and Andrea (left to right above)—Studio Manager, Area Manager, and Lead Flexologist, from RidgeGate’s StretchLab studio to learn more about their offerings and the symbiotic relationship they have formed with the local community.

Who is the “typical” StretchLab client?

Stretching at StretchLab

Andrea: Anyone, really. One client might be retired and love to play pickleball at the Lone Tree Rec Center and the next will be a student-athlete.

Hannah: We see a lot of golfers who need help with their swing. There are a ton of golf courses near RidgeGate. Our owners also wanted to be close to the neighborhoods that surround the bluffs because they knew active people live here.

So, it isn’t a coincidence that StretchLab fits so well in the RidgeGate community?

Hannah: We fall under a brand of fitness studios called Xponential Fitness. Club Pilates, which also has a studio in RidgeGate, is one of our sister franchises. Orange Theory, however, moved in next door after we opened, and we were thrilled about that because we have a lot of overlapping customers. And, of course, we benefit from proximity to other health-conscious amenities like Runners Roost, Vibe Foods, and Native Foods.

Can you describe a typical session at StretchLab for our readers?

Torey: We offer 20- or 50-minute-long customized sessions for individuals. During the first session we start with a functional assessment on our “MAPS” body scanner which measures mobility, activation, posture, and symmetry. Then each month we take new measurements to track progress over time.

Andrea: Our flexologists focus on PNF—proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation—and lead clients through progressive stages of muscle contraction and release. We also incorporate a variety of tools like the hypervolt massage

gun, trigger point balls, or Charlotte’s Web CBD cream to accomplish the goals of our clients.

Torey: Our boutique at the front of the store also sells a lot of the tools our flexologists use as well as CBD products.

What does it cost to be a member of StretchLab?

Hannah: The investment is similar to a pilates studio membership – it’s a premium price for a premium product. We are always running membership promotions, so I encourage people to contact us for the latest pricing.

In general, we operate in the same corner of the wellness industry as a physical therapist or a chiropractor that provides reactionary care, because many of our clients come in with very specific issues. As the brand grows, we’re adding new healthcare partnerships that help to legitimize the success of the techniques we use. Right now, we have a partnership with Medicaid/Medicare.

Since our readers might be seeing you around the neighborhood, why don’t we help them get to know the three of you a little better…

Torey, what was the last book you read?

Torey: Actually, our staff has a StretchLab book club, and we’re reading The Midnight Library right now. It’s about a girl trapped in purgatory who is trying to find the “perfect life.”

Andrea, what do you keep on your nightstand?

Andrea: I always have water nearby. I also keep my Charlotte’s Web CBD balm on my nightstand. I put it on my wrists and knees every night.

Hannah, what was the last TV show you binged?

Hannah: I’m watching “Alone” on Prime. It’s kind of like “Naked and Afraid” … except no one is naked…they’re just afraid. [LAUGHS] It’s all about wilderness survival.

Here’s a question for all three of you…where is your favorite place to eat in RidgeGate?

Andrea: Costa Vida. I love their sweet pulled pork.

Torey: Same. I call Costa Vida my “Pay Day Lunch.”

Hannah: I’m a Snooze girl. Their “Bella Bella Benny” tastes just like you’re sitting in Italy.


StretchLab team

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