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RidgeGate Up Close

  • June 23, 2019
  • Lauren Varner

Marlon and Vivian Sarmiento, Thrive townhome residents

A twist of fate brought Marlon and Vivian Sarmiento to RidgeGate. While receiving fertility treatments at a world-renowned clinic in the area, they came to love the quiet community, and its rolling hills with access to everything they needed within walking distance. Here, they reflect the serendipity that brought them to call RidgeGate “home,” and their plans for the future.

RidgeGate Up Close: How did you and Vivian meet?
Marlon: “Through my cousin’s wife, over the phone. She was in the Philippines and I was here, and through the graces of technology, we made it work. I brought her to the states in 2013…”

Vivian: “…I like to say ‘love brought me here.’”

Marlon: “We were married Valentine’s Day in 2013, and we had a church wedding in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day in 2015. We lived in Colorado Springs for a while. I’m originally from New Jersey, though. Long story short, I left New Jersey nineteen years ago and lived in California during the tech boom. In 2001, the company I was with moved me to Colorado Springs.”

Why did you choose to move to RidgeGate?
Vivian: “I’m a medical lab scientist, and I couldn’t find a job in the Springs, but I found one in Aurora. We were familiar with RidgeGate because I was going through the IVF process at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, which is world renowned. We rented at AMLI RidgeGate before we bought one of the Thrive townhomes. After we moved to RidgeGate, I could just walk to the clinic. Maybe it was a sign. Things worked out. We had our son, Mav, at Sky Ridge Medical Center—he’s 20 months now—and we’re planning on having another child, so we’re back at the Center to repeat the process now.”

That’s wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing such a personal experience with us…
Vivian: “Oh, of course! I really want to spread awareness. I actually created an Instagram account to help document our journey and encourage others! You can find me at @MyBaby_Via_EggDonor_IVF.”

So if you had to choose one word to describe your experience in RidgeGate thus far, what would it be?
Vivian: “Joy, because that is was living here has brought us…in so many ways.”

How about you, Marlon?
Marlon: “I’d say ‘home,’ because a home is where you feel comfortable. It’s where you feel like you’ve been seeded. I’ve felt displaced living some places, but never here. I take the light rail every day for work. Now I get on at the new Lone Tree City Center stop, and there’s a vast area of undeveloped land around that stop. The RidgeGate community is going to expand to that area, and every time I look over there I think, “there’s house number two!’”

What has surprised you the most about living here?
Marlon: “Well, just recently we were blown away because a really famous singer we love, Lea Salonga, performed at the Lone Tree Arts Center. We literally just walked two blocks to her show from our front door.”

Yeah! We can literally see the Lone Tree Arts Center from your kitchen table where we’re sitting now.
Vivian: “She’s really famous in the Philippines. She was Jasmine’s voice in Disney’s Aladdin and Fa Mulan in Mulan. She’s amazing. I couldn’t believe she was performing just down the street!”

Marlon: “We’re also one block from Sprouts and two blocks from SuperTarget.”

Vivian: “…and a block away from the Lone Tree Library.”

So you have absolutely NO excuse for late fees at the library.
Marlon: [Laughs] That’s true…

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