Sarah Owen, Manager, Elements Massage

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This month: Sarah Owen, Manager, Elements Massage

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, the occasional gardener, or a business person logging hours in front of a computer, massage can help you by offering a drug-free, non-invasive approach to whole body health. Relaxation and relief are just steps away for RidgeGate residents, now that Elements Massage has opened its newest location in our community. We met with Sarah Owen, the RidgeGate store manager, to learn more about the varieties of massage offered and their membership program.

#1. Welcome to RidgeGate!

Sarah: Thanks, it’s an exciting time to be new to the neighborhood!

#2. Tell us why Elements Massage decided to open in RidgeGate?

Sarah: So, Elements Massage is part of a massage franchise that is independently owned and operated. The current owners, Mark and Kristen, also own two other studios in Castle Rock. I know they saw Lone Tree has a great opportunity because it is growing so much and has so many up and coming businesses.

#3. You offer three types of massage here. What are they?

Sarah: We offer Aromatherapy, Himalayan Sea Salt or Hot Stone massage.

#4. How do you help people decide which type of massage is best for them?

Sarah: With our aromatherapy massage, we offer three types of essential oils: lavender helps calm, eucalyptus helps refresh and citrus helps energize. These massages awaken or calm your senses.

With our Himalayan Sea Salt massage, you get the benefit of exposure to 84 different minerals in the salt rocks that we use. It also helps exfoliate the skin, stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.

A Hot Stone massage uses smooth flat stones to go a little deeper, and the heat of the stones really gets in to your muscles to help loosen them up.

#5. There is a book on the table in your lobby that introduces each of your therapists here. Each has a number level associated with them. What does that number mean?

Sarah: We have a level system of one to four. One is going to be the lightest pressure, and four the hardest, deepest pressure. All therapists can go lighter, but we do have some therapists who are able to provide more intensive deep tissue massages—like a sport massage.

#6. What other genres of massage do you offer here, in addition to sport massage?

Sarah: We have certified prenatal massage therapists…the mom just needs to be out of her first trimester. We also have a room designated for couples’ massage—it’s popular with moms and daughters too. We also offer integrative reflexology that can help ease muscle tension and improve circulation. The therapist will use their thumbs, fingers and hands to find pressure points in your hands, feet and ears. Reflexology can stimulate healing in other parts of the body as well.

#7. You can purchase a la carte massages here, but you also offer memberships that end up being more affordable in the long run?

Sarah: Exactly. Our membership program saves you money on each massage. You can use your monthly massage whenever you want or share it with one other person. The sessions also roll over, so if you’re unable to use it one month, it will roll over to the next month. We often see spouses coming in every other month. If they both wanted to come in on the same month, they would receive the membership pricing of $69 for the hour. Our members also get discounts on gift cards, and we frequently give away upgrades…like an upgrade to 90 minutes from 60. Also, Elements Massage is nationwide, so you can use your membership at any of our locations.

#8. You also have hours that help fit most working professionals?

Sarah: Absolutely. We’re open from 9am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and on Sundays we’re open from 10am to 7pm. We actually see a lot of 8pm appointments with people who want to go straight to bed after their massage is over. We promise you’ll sleep soundly that night.

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